BOSE TWS-2 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphones 


BOSE wireless bluetooth stereo earphones are cordless ear phones with a portable and minimalist design. Supported by HIFI technology and a choice of mono and stereo channel modes. Bluetooth version 5.0 supported 2.4 GHz frequency with a range of up to 10-20 meters. Powered by a 50mAh shell lithium battery and can be recharged. 

Features no return 

Quality Sound 
Stereo sound quality that produces HIFI sound, so that the resulting audio is of higher quality. This earphone supports dual audio channel selection modes in the form of mono and stereo. 

CVC6.0 built in Noise Cancellation Technology
Also supported by CVC6.0 noise cancellation technology that makes sound quality still sound well even in noisy conditions. 

Wireless Connection 
Supported bluetooth version 5.0, which uses the 2.4GHz frequency. Bluetooth synchronization to a distance of 10-20 meters. This ear phone has high frequency sensitivity up to -2.48GHz MIC. 

Connect Two Smartphones at The Same Time 
Can connect with two cellphones at the same time. If you have two different smartphones, you can keep your two smartphones connected together with this Bluetooth ear phone. 

Powered by a lithium-powered 50mah shell battery and can be recharged. 

These earphones are compatible with a variety of Android devices and iPhones 

1 Install the Headset 
Charging Cable 
Charging Box 

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