Product Description

Macro photography is all about exploring tiny worlds through shooting extreme close-up photos of minuscule objects like small insects, flowers, or water droplets. Many consider it a fascinating branch of photography, as it allows for viewing some of the things that are seen every day from an extremely close, almost otherworldly perspective.

So that you can shoot true macro, you’re going to need one important tool: a specialized camera lens that offers superior magnification capabilities—aptly called a macro lens.

SKYVIK Brings you a wide range of Macro Lenses be it for a beginner or a Pro consumer


Macro Shot

Droplet Shot

Features & details

  • SIGNI X 20x Macro Lens For All mobile Phones
  • 20X Mcro Lens: Indulge into the macro World, Macro Lens is suitable for Close ups of flowers, insects, jewellery and other details.
  • SIGNI Lens is carved from Aluminium Alloy and Coated glass to reduce reflections and light flares. Detachable clip with Soft rubber ensures your device is free from scratches.

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